My Favorite Hockey Teams

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Its nice to see D.C. and Atlanta kick each other where it hurts most…in the goal! I am from D.C. but moving to Atlanta…crazy.


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So this is practically not a new issue. I am 27 and have been smoking since I was 11…chaining since I was 15. I broke barriers that literally got me kicked out of boarding schools and I didnt give a shit. To this day my longest quit record time has been 2 months. However, during those two months, someone traded me a gym membership. CON ARTISTS! So now my biggest dilemma is with the child on its way just months from now. I have reduced my nictine immensly starting at 6 cigarettes a day. I would slip them in my smokies tin holder so I would only work with the amount I had. I broke this thing once and bought a pack, never used the tin, and smoked that whole fucking pack dry.

Yesterday I definitely gave myself a pat on the pack. I bummed 3 cigarettes max all day long…though when i got home from work I smoked the remaining butts in our ashtray.

Now Ive been trying to quit since I was 22 and its been fucking straight up hell. I have contacted TRUTH.COM, MYTIMETOQUIT.COM, even NIH which is local in Bethesda, MD. To no avail. So I am pushing for my will power, my last and only resort at this time. Unfortunately its that one resort at the end of the dirty Jersey beach with cockroaches..ha!

So here goes day two we’ll track to see how long before I break. I just really dont want my child inhaling smoke…not good.

Breaking the Boy

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So the past few months I have been seeing a chiropractor where my fiance works. I have had the worst back I have had in years. I lift alot crap all day: totes that feel like someone piled dead sumo wrestlers in, boxes that feel like they were made of metal not cardboard, and other shit that would easily turn me into a hunchback.

I just cannot wait to wear those daddy slings to the mall haha!

I am most definitely adding one of these to the baby registry:


New Dad, New Life?

•December 20, 2006 • 2 Comments

So I am gonna be a dad in August (or so we think August). I have seen a few friends get married, have kids, and dissapear. I was thinking about this all day yesterday at work. I saw a guy come in with his gorgeous baby girl (maybe round 3 years old), and couldn’t stop to think if I would hack it as a parent. Most of my life I have had people chasing after me to give me discipline; MYparents, the cops, or employers. And now, it is me on the other side of the line. I am so free-spirited yet angry that I just cannot fathom a child under my direction and care. In Layman’s Terms, I have slacked off alot and until recently did I get 1/3 of priorities in place.

Introduction to the Opposites

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If anyone can guess what 80’s T.V. show that came from Ill send you some free Street Mob Skateboards(my skate co.) stickers.

So let me introduce you to the site. This site was built for me to ramble and ramble until technology does a time portal reverse. Some topics Ill talk about is skateboarding, graffiti, punk music, and of course my new baby (Due August 2007).

I am very psyched and nervous to be a new dad, so not all my thoughts wll be a streamline of pleasant ones. I will, however, try to make light of the subject by adding dark and satirical humor, dirty-minded jokes, and of course photographs.

Enjoy the site and spread the word to all PUNK ROCK DADS out there.