So this is practically not a new issue. I am 27 and have been smoking since I was 11…chaining since I was 15. I broke barriers that literally got me kicked out of boarding schools and I didnt give a shit. To this day my longest quit record time has been 2 months. However, during those two months, someone traded me a gym membership. CON ARTISTS! So now my biggest dilemma is with the child on its way just months from now. I have reduced my nictine immensly starting at 6 cigarettes a day. I would slip them in my smokies tin holder so I would only work with the amount I had. I broke this thing once and bought a pack, never used the tin, and smoked that whole fucking pack dry.

Yesterday I definitely gave myself a pat on the pack. I bummed 3 cigarettes max all day long…though when i got home from work I smoked the remaining butts in our ashtray.

Now Ive been trying to quit since I was 22 and its been fucking straight up hell. I have contacted TRUTH.COM, MYTIMETOQUIT.COM, even NIH which is local in Bethesda, MD. To no avail. So I am pushing for my will power, my last and only resort at this time. Unfortunately its that one resort at the end of the dirty Jersey beach with cockroaches..ha!

So here goes day two we’ll track to see how long before I break. I just really dont want my child inhaling smoke…not good.


~ by streetmob202 on December 22, 2006.

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  1. hey,,,,,feel like we’re in some kind of screwed up club …..I’m a 54 year old male been suck’n on the cancer stick for well over 40 years god I want to quit ……wish me luck two days so far …..wish I could kill something…..lol

  2. Hey!Kindred spirits!It made me feel better to know that I’m not the only one who caved and went “butt hunting”.
    I’m fifty-five,female and my longest quit attempt was three and a half years.I don’t think that I allowed myself one happy day in all that time.How stupid is that?
    The fateful day that I started again I was so pissed I thought I was going to kill someone or self-destruct so I grabbed my cigarettes from the freezer and never looked back until last year when I started weaning myself off the weed again.
    I hope to make today the last day that I smoke and it has helped to find this website that is free of platitudes and promises.
    I applaud you for your determination not to smoke around your child.Now when I see people smoking in a car with little kids I just cringe and think “Oh,God,I did that,too.”
    Quitting is the only sane thing to.Smoking is a loser’s habit that drags you down in every way but when you’re jonesing it’s easy to forget that.
    Nice to find a forum where it’s okay to say,”I’m trying but Lord,does this SUCK!”

  3. I have smoked for 44 years now; since I was 13!!! I have never quit except when I was pregnant (over 40 years ago), but started right up as soon as it didn’t make me “sick” anymore. I have gotten myself down to under 10 cigs a day, but back up to a almost a pack AGAIN. Does this “mytimetoquit.com” program work? Does anybody know? I know hynotism works (Ellen DeGeneres just quit like that), and would try that if it was available where I live in the western part of AL. I can’t see how a program that you download on a computer can make you quit…………has anyone out there tried this program? Please let me know…………Thanks!!

  4. I have recently tried to quit I actually do well with my partner whom is a non-smoker but really hates the habit, she has supported me thus far but when she asks if I have smoked I lied about it not once but twice, I feel like a junkie that needs a fix, she caught me lying about it and now it is a threat to my relationship. Is there anything out there that can help? Please………it really sucks

  5. What have you been using to help quit? I think we are all agreed that we’re addicts.
    Don’t be discouraged when I tell you that I have used the gum,patches,anti-depressants and hypnosis.They might be the ticket for you.I have been looking at the mytimetoquit.com website and I am skeptical like Cattaz? and would like to hear from someone who has downloaded the program.
    I checked out the new miracle drug CHANTIX and the cost is about $700.00 even ordering from Canada.My insurance will not pay a dime on anything to help me quit smoking but has shelled out thousands and thousands for a co-worker with lung cancer.Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy?
    An acquaintance of mine quit using lazer therapy at a cost of $350.00.He was a confirmed three-pack-a-day smoker and he has quit and swears he has NO DESIRE to smoke.The FDA and AMA do not sanction this therapy at all but he says it is the best thing he’s ever done.
    Keep trying-I’m going to.

  6. I am starting the CHANTIX tomorrow. For some reason my insurance is covering it. I hope it works I hate smoking with a passion but am so addicted I don’t know how to stop. I have been smoking for 35 years my father died of lung cancer last year and I am still smoking. There is something seriously wrong with that. I will keep you posted on my progress with CHANTIX I understand it makes you sick and throw up… well that should keep the weight off. Good luck everyone I really hope something works out for all of us.

  7. Good luck,Sandy! I really hope this works for you and would appreciate your progress report.If I thought it would work for me I would blow off the cost because like the commercial says “I’m worth it!”

  8. I guess the Chantix got her :{

  9. I started Chantix on 2 April 07. By the end of the 1st three days I didn’t even want to smoke at all, but I continued through the 1st week as they said I could. I smoke my last one Sunday 8 April at 9:30 PM. I am at 71 hours right now and I don’t miss it one bit. I can’t stand the smell of them now and I hardly think about it. I have had ZERO side effects. I smell better and I can smell better, I have more energy, food tastes better. I cleaned my car from top to bottom to try to get rid of the smell. My kids 10 and 5 are so proud of me. I am so proud of me. I figured that I spent $28,000 on smoking in 17 years. Think of what you could buy with that money. College for kids, a new car, a nice vacation. Think of your health, think of the extra time you will have. I don’t know how I will do in 90 days when I come off Chantix but it is worth it to see. Make sure you have good support. Think about how much money you spend on smoking a month and over time and the cost will pay out in the end. I have seen it for as little as $125 and up to $185 a month. My friends insurance did cover it. My husband starts it tomorrow and he was a skeptic, but he figures that if I can do it so can he. I use to smoke twice as much as him.

    Good luck. Don’t give up… Think of all the great reasons to stop…

  10. I am pumped to hear such a positive report and am on it like white on rice.I am so glad that you shared your success story and am determined to call my doctor come Monday.Thanks,Carol.

  11. I am still going strong (not smoking). I thought that a little stress might start me smoking, I was wrong. I have been through hell and back and I am still smoke free…

  12. Hello All,

    I was reading around some of the posts here and I found interesting things that you guys talk about, I just made a blog about quitting smoking resources and ideas that you might want to check out.
    If someone is interested in this topic just go to; http://endthehabitnow.blogspot.com and let me know what you think.
    Thanks in advance.

  13. Ok. I want to word this properly, for all of you, that smoke. I, myself, am a smoker. I have a lung disease,as well. After reading all of your statements and cries for help, I realized this one thing. It all comes from within ourselves. It’s about re-programming your mind and lifestyle, forever. Change is scary, however,it is for good. God did not intend for us to go through life, without periodic changes. Whenever you want to have a cigarette, think about how you are not going to give “phillip Morris” billions of your hard earned money, while he and his families are living in billion dollar homes, eating at the finest restaurants, living life to the fullest off of our death and bad health. GET ANGRY! Keep yourselves busy all of the time and when that urge comes about; stop for a minute, then think, again, about how they are trying to “kill you with this addiction” and it costs lots of money, no less. Focus on something good, for yourself. After all, every cigarette that you don’t smoke, is 1 time closer to being a non-smoker. Use a brain-washing method that works…..for you. Whatever it takes to convince yourself that YOU HATE SMOKE!!! (I WILL NOT ALLOW THESE DISGUSTING SMELLING AND TASTING CANCER STICKS CONTROL ME) Just as in the military boot camps or basic training; mind control, focus, brainwashing. Constantly talk to yourself about how there is not 1 positive trait that smoking has to offer you. Dont be lying in a hospital bed or living on oxygen, trying to grasp your breath every second of the day before realizing that smoking eventually is going to kill all of us if we do continually ask ourselves,’Are you worth more to me than my children, friends, family, or your own self? Quit second to second. Minute to minute. HR TO HR. So on and so forth. Think before doing. Just take 1 second of your time to remind yourself of this and how much of a disgusting habit this is. By the way, no one certain type of pill or patch or hypnosis is going to work for everybody. I worked in a pharmacy for 8 years. I know. New pill, chantix, actually can cause depression, anxiety, and suicide in mostly, women. I wouldn’t take chances. Nicotine patches can send too much nicotine into your body and cause cardiac arrest. Old fashioned method. We are strong. We are at ‘WAR’ with cigarettes. We are strong soldiers that have to survive for the sake of ourselves and our loved ones. Silly, however, gives you strength and perspective. Also, God made each and every one of us because he has all of these wonderful things in store for our individual lives. Our body is our temple. We are not suppose to put impurities into it. We suffer the consequences individually, and as a whole. Please, try the military tactic and know that GOD will be there to help every step of the way. Just believe in him and yourself. I, THANK ALL OF YOU.I, WILL BE DOING THE SAME, AS WELL. GOOD LUCK AND SEMPER FI (LOL)

  14. I’m a 41 year old woman who would love to make it through a day with out smoking. i also have emphasema. I have a man who love s me. Children who love me, and a grand daughter who I would love to be able to keep up with. I found this site because I cared enough to want to quit. I HATE SMOKING, but I get so aggitated that I can’t even stand to be around me. Thank you all, for your stories. I don’t feel like a complete lowlife because I haven’t quit. In fact you all made me feel just like everybody else, and a renewed desireto try. again. thanks

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