Breaking the Boy

So the past few months I have been seeing a chiropractor where my fiance works. I have had the worst back I have had in years. I lift alot crap all day: totes that feel like someone piled dead sumo wrestlers in, boxes that feel like they were made of metal not cardboard, and other shit that would easily turn me into a hunchback.

I just cannot wait to wear those daddy slings to the mall haha!

I am most definitely adding one of these to the baby registry:



~ by streetmob202 on December 21, 2006.

One Response to “Breaking the Boy”

  1. If they’d build in a back brace like truck drivers use, it would be the perfect item.

    I once took my son to the Baltimore Aquarium and he is a big boy. They don’t let you take strollers through, so I had to carry him in a back-slung carrier. I thought I was going to die-sweating my ass off in the summer heat carrying that kid.

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