New Dad, New Life?

So I am gonna be a dad in August (or so we think August). I have seen a few friends get married, have kids, and dissapear. I was thinking about this all day yesterday at work. I saw a guy come in with his gorgeous baby girl (maybe round 3 years old), and couldn’t stop to think if I would hack it as a parent. Most of my life I have had people chasing after me to give me discipline; MYparents, the cops, or employers. And now, it is me on the other side of the line. I am so free-spirited yet angry that I just cannot fathom a child under my direction and care. In Layman’s Terms, I have slacked off alot and until recently did I get 1/3 of priorities in place.


~ by streetmob202 on December 20, 2006.

2 Responses to “New Dad, New Life?”

  1. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy, and of course, the baby when it comes. He or she will change your life, in a good way. Looking forward to seeing the blog grow. Not to be an annoying lactavist, but I hope you haven’t *already* decided on formula (the tag above your header image), what, all of 6 weeks into gestation. Breast is best! It’s not just for grownups anymore 😉

  2. I agree with Rattling the Kettle (and not because we share half a brain). Good luck with everything. Fatherhood is the best, and most stressfull, thing ever. But no matter what happens, at the end of the day it is well worth it to see the little one smile at you.

    Some say circumstances help make or define the man. The same holds true here. You’ll be fine.

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